Christmas Eve Service | 7:00PM

Join us here on Christmas Eve at 7:00pm as we celebrate together.

If you'd like to watch from your TV, simply go there & search on YouTube for our channel Westside Community Church Morden.

If you would like to watch the rest of our Christmas series.. (click here). 


For our Westside Christmas Eve project we are collecting funds to help out two separate orphanages. Mercy Home in Kinshasa is the one orphanage. The other orphanage is in Kikwit. This one has almost no outside support and has children who have been orphaned from the war in the Kasia region and are called displaced people. Westside visited the displaced people in 2018.

The church office is closed Christmas Eve Friday during the day. We will be accepting donations at the parking lot bonfire in the evening from 5:30-7:00pm. Electronic donations (E- transfers and CU payments) will also be accepted. Please communicate to us that you wish your electronic donations to be used for the "Christmas Eve Project". 

The church office will also be closed all of next week. Emails will be checked throughout the week we are closed. If you are hoping to give a donation to church before Dec. 31, 2021, please send it in the mail (church address is at the bottom of this email) or give it electronically. Thank you.