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Westside Children's Ministry is an invitation for parents/adults to guide children into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.  We believe that the children of Westside are an integral part of the church family and acknowledge that we have opportunity to learn together.  We seek to support and equip families in their spiritual growth.

 There are specific age-targeted programs aimed at meeting particular needs of children:

Nursery is for new borns to 2 1/2 year olds during both services.


Children in grades 1 - 4 are invited into a learning environment geared specifically for them in the church basement.  Our desires is that at this age children learn that they have been created, chosen and called by God to be part of what He is doing.

Your Child’s Health

For the health of all the children in our ministry we ask that children with a runny nose, fresh cold, fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhea or any other illness remain at home until they are well.  Thank you in advance for helping us keep 3C a healthy place for all. 


We have a Safe Place Policy and all our teachers have been through a screening process and have had a criminal check done to provide a safe environment for your child. 

When you arrive in the church basement you will discover the entrance to the 3C area and our registration team.  If this is your first time with us please check register your child.  If you are a regular part of the WCC community your child can make their way to the 3C area on their own if you and your child are comfortable with that. 


We use curriculum from reThink Group called 252 Basics, which is designed to provoke discovery and invite kids into a new understanding of how to grow in relationship with Jesus.  Everything in 252 Basics is based on one of three basic, but powerful truths modelled by Jesus in Luke 2:52.  They are: I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Pick–Up Procedures 

Your child’s ministry time will end a few minutes after the service in the main sanctuary.  You are welcome to come down and wait for your child to finish.  Should you need your child before they are finished please come to the 3C doors and ask one of our volunteers to get your child for you.

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