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"Getting to the truth was hard, but getting to reconciliation will be harder." - Murray Sinclair

"A door has been opened, and some truth has been able to enter the national consciousness. We must collectively ensure that the doors that lead to truth will never be closed again. We must also ensure that our understanding of the history of residential schools continue to grow. Finally we must ensure that our understanding engages action in a process of reconciliation." - Aimee Craft

A conversation with our Indigenous family at Living Word Temple (Winnipeg).

We want to listen to their stories  and learn how we can continue to help with reconciliation. 

"The Truth and Reconciliation Commission defines reconciliation as an ongoing process of establishing and maintaining respectful relationships. A critical part of this process involves repairing damaged trust and by making apologies, providing individual and collective reparations and following through with concrete actions that demonstrate real societal change." 

Excerpt from "A Knock on the Door"

As attendees at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Edmonton (2014), the Conference we're apart of, the CCMBC, participated in writing a joint letter to express our regrets, repentance and commitments. To see the letter, (click here)

We desire to do our part and contribute 
to the societal change needed to work towards reconciliation.

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